The kinds of businesses that we attract and retain say a lot about the city. The Manchester experience is so fulfilling that members of our own companies are compelled to share it.

"As New Hampshire's leading bank, we are proud to have our state headquarters in Manchester. We understand that our success as a company is tied to the strength of the communities where we live and work. And Manchester's strengths are numerous. It's a thriving center for commerce with a great quality of life. As the number #1 SBA lender in New Hampshire, we see first-hand the vitality that small business and entrepreneurship brings to our community. Home to companies large and small, Manchester is place where all businesses can grow and prosper."

Cathleen A. Schmidt
Former President and CEO
Citizens Bank New Hampshire

"Initially, locating our company in Manchester was a result of the Amoskeag Small Business Incubator being located in the Millyard. This choice of location proved to be fortuitous. Not only because of our success in the incubator, but because we found that the Millyard offered significant benefits. When we chose to start a second business we chose a second mill building adjacent to the first.

The benefits are myriad. We are centrally located for access to a labor pool of workers with a wide variety of skills. As New Hampshire's largest city, Manchester gives us easy access to many services and suppliers. The freedom from traffic that most of our employees enjoy in their daily commutes is a definite asset. The proximity of quality restaurants and entertainment is a plus. However, for many of us who work in the mill buildings, the beauty of the Merrimack River and its surroundings mixed with the awareness of the Millyard's manufacturing history add a pleasant nostalgic quality to our work day. A lot of us feel a bond of continuity with those early textile workers and that lends another dimension to our work."

Fred Goodrich
Former CEO, Cellular Specialties Inc. (CSI)
Former President, XMA Corporation
Former Chairman and Legal Officer, Cellular Microwave Technology-Tianjin (CMT)

"Manchester is an amazing place, combining the best quality of life (oceans, lakes, mountains, skiing), world-class economic resources (excellent airport, top-notch business services), and business advantageous climate (open-minded lawmakers, favorable tax structure, creative talent pool, dynamic leaders) in a quaint urban city."

Jeremy Hitchcock
Former CEO