Comparisons & Data

Manchester is recognized as one of the top economic cities of its size and is often recognized by national and industry specific publications. In February 2016, the City of Manchester received the Thumbtack Champion of Small Business Award "for being one of the most affordable and liveable cities in the country." The City was also cited as being “incredibly friendly for small businesses.” 

In 2015, Manchester was ranked as the #2 Most Tax-Friendly City for Small Business Taxes by Thumbtack. Additionally, Manchester ranked #1 as the Best Climate for Small Business with an A+ rating for overall friendliness, ease of starting a business, overall regulations, tax code, and licensing. 

Not only does Manchester continually rank for our economic prowess, but the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport was ranked the #1 Best Midsize Airport in the Country by TravelPulse in November 2016; citing its convenience, comfort, and customer-driven practices. 

In January 2018, Manchester ranked as the #22 Best City in the Nation to Find a Job out of 180 U.S. Cities. 

In April 2018, Manchester ranked as the 37th Best Place to Live in the USA. Cited among Manchester's strengths were: its location, a "vibrant" student population, job market, and quality of life. 

A strong city in a great state; you'll find that Manchester is located in one of the most affordable and livable places in the country.  New Hampshire has been voted:


  • #1 State for Overall Child Well-Being - June 2018 - AECF
  • #1 State in the Nation - January 2018 - Politico Magazine
  • #1 Best State for Taxpayer ROI - March 2017 - WalletHub
  • #1 State for Opportunity - February 2017 - US News
  • #1 State for Family and Community - 2016 - AECF
  • #2 Best State for Women to Retire - March 2018 - Expert Market
  • #3 Best State to Raise a Family - January 2017 - WalletHub
  • #3 State for Public Safety - February 2018 - US News
  • #4 Best State in the Nation - February 2018 - US News
  • #5 State for per Capita Income - March 2017  - NHBR
  • #5 State to Find a Job - May 2018 - WalletHub
  • #7 State with the Highest Well-Being - February 2018 - Gallup-Sharecare
  • #10 Most Innovative State in the U.S. -  March 2017 - WalletHub
  • #10 Best State in the Nation for Women - March 2018 - WalletHub