Plans & Projects

From its earliest days as a planned industrial city, Manchester has had a long and successful history of strategic planning and development initiatives implemented through the coordinated efforts of the public and private sectors, united by a common dedication to the continued betterment of the City. Most recently, Manchester has seen the influx of housing units, proposed expansions of all three major medical facilities, a high-tech and bio-medical boom in the Millyard, and infrastructure improvements, among numerous other development initiatives. Below please find a map indicating major development initiatives currently or soon-to-be underway in the City (Q1, 2019).


Manchester's Economic Development: Plans and Studies

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)
The City's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy was completed in 2009 for the Economic Development Administration.

Convention Center Feasibility Study
Created in 2008, the feasibility study examines Manchester's ability to support and sustain additional convention center, hotel and expo space.

Global Economic Development Strategy - Angelou Economics
In 2005, the City of Manchester commissioned a comprehensive economic development analysis and study. The three reports from Austin-based Angelou Economics offers information about Manchester's current and projected economic state.

Hillier Downtown Studies
Completed in 2005, the Hillier report examines the City of Manchester's downtown center and areas of economic opportunity related to the downtown.