Shopping & Dining in Manchester

Manchester residents, along with the thousands of workers and visitors that come to the city each day, appreciate and enjoy the convenience of having a wide range of shopping and dining options available to them throughout the community. In recent years, Manchester has emerged as the premier dining and tax-free shopping destination north of Boston.

Manchester Dining

Manchester DiningThere are hundreds of restaurants, caf├ęs and diners in Manchester providing a wide range of fine and casual dining options. Manchester boasts an impressive array of restaurants offering ethnic cuisines, such as Bosnian, Caribbean, Chinese, French -Canadian, Greek, Hungarian,  Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Nepali, Thai, Vietnamese, and more. 

Each year, when New Hampshire Magazine's readers pick the best eateries in New Hampshire, Manchester restaurants always take the top of the list. Several Manchester restaurants have been featured in major publications such as the New York TimesBon AppetitRoadside MagazineYankee Magazine, as well as on the Food Network.

Tax-Free Shopping


With over 5 million square feet of retail space, Manchester is the shopping center of the region. The Mall of New Hampshire, with almost 1 million square feet, features department stores such as Macy's, JCPenney, and Sears, alongside 125 specialty stores and five full-service restaurants. The adjacent South Willow Street area compliments the Mall, and together they  provide most of the national retail, franchise, and chain stores and restaurants familiar to consumers living in the New England area. Downtown Manchester also boasts several small boutiques and unique shops, and neighborhood shopping centers also dot the city. 

Outlet shopping is just a short drive away in the towns of Merrimack, Tilton and Conway, where thousands of shoppers take advantage of  New Hampshire's tax-free status.